Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery

The Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery, is located at 1031 Thompson Way in Placerville, California, where the current and active Federated Church is also located; The Cemetery is situated on a piece of property alongside a historical church building which was originally located at the corner of Cedar Ravine and Main st. It is not known to this transcriber if the persons buried herein were church members or whether this burial ground is simply an early Pioneer cemetery. There are unreadable headstones, therefore making identification impossible for this transcriber, a few broken and in disrepair but the grounds are maintained and accessible.
  Last Name     First     Middle          Birth           Death              Comments

Alderson, Richard Born in England Burlinozino, Mary A. 1836 12 Dec 1866 Born in Jefferson County, New York Camp, Asa S. 1829 1902 Coleman, Almira 1 Feb 1887 72yrs; S=Asa Coleman; Born in Barnstable, MA Coleman, Asa 15 Oct 1878 69yrs; S=Almira Coleman; Born in Barnstable, MA Croy, Richard 3 Dec 1866 20 Dec 1866 P=J.M. & S.A. Croy Cruson, Benjamin F. 16 Nov 1856 30 Jun 1863 P=Thomas K. & Catherine Cruson Cruson, Catherine 20 Mar 1815 31 Jun 1892 S=Thomas K. Cruson; Born in Illinois Cruson, Thomas K. 10 Dec 1802 15 Oct 1882 S=Catherine Cruson; Born in Kentucky Cruson, Thomas K. 13 Feb 1845 9 Oct 1862 P=Thomas K. & Catherine Cruson Daniels, Asa W. 1866 1937 S=Meda E. Daniels Daniels, Ella Baby; P=Asa W. & Meda E Daniels Daniels, Meda E. 1869 1925 S=Asa E. Daniels Fuller, Cyrus 19 Nov 1862 Born in Franklin County, Maine Fuller, John 4 Dec 1834 16 May 1862; Born in Wilton, Franklin County, ME Georgensen, Thomas 1863 1927 Born in Wisconsin Goyan, Nancy Aurelia 31 May 1830 5 May 1865 S=Frank Goyan Henderson, Samuel G. 21 Nov 1826 30 Aug 1871 Born in Jefferson County, Ohio Henderson, William 20 Oct 1854 32 yrs; Born in Mount Vernon, Ohio Lowry, Joseph 22 Jun 1866 55yrs; Born in Ohio McCreedy, Alex Co. H 5th. California Infantry Orn, E. M. 1795 28 Dec 1856 Born in Vermont Osborn, Abial H. 26 Mar 1863 32 yrs; P=W.F. & E.J. Perry Perry, Warren F. 16 Oct 1868 4 Jul 1874 Raymond, Laura Jane 19 Apr 1838 11 May 1860 S=Augustus Raymond Robinson, Samuel O. 4 Feb 1885 58yrs; Born in Ohio Slater, Edward 15 Feb 1886 48 yrs Slater, George 22 Aug 1814 11 Jan 1879 Slater, Margaret 21 Oct 1928 74 yrs Slater, Susan 31 Oct 1898 84 yrs Swartcope, John V. 15 Aug 1890 Born in New York Van Vleck, Aaron P. Wallace, Infant 31 May 1829 3 Aug 1829 P=Thomas & Sarah Wallace

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